Can we bring dogs and bikes on the boats?


Dogs and bikes:
We love dogs and cyclists but some boats can’t accommodate any or many. Check your route below.

Please ensure your dogs are leashed, under control and well behaved. Cyclists don’t need to be leashed…

The vessels between Mayne and Saturna and Pender take two dogs and two bikes.

The vessel between Galiano and Mayne can take three dogs and three bikes.

The vessel between Ganges and Montague, Galiano can take up to twelve bikes and six dogs.

And the vessels between Ganges and Port Washington, Pender are complicated!

Any sailings that leave on the hour (as in 8am, 10am, etc.) are bike capable (3 to 5) and dog capable (3 to 5).

The vessel departures that leave 10 minutes past the hour, 20 minutes past, 40 & 50 minutes past cannot take bikes or dogs).